Los Angeles, CA

Graduate Thesis

︎︎︎ Research Publication
The act of masking governs contemporary representation. Amy Kulper, associate professor at RISD, locates this shift at Architecture’s Digital Turn and the Advent of Photoshop. theorizes the persuasive act of masking by revealing its latency, thanks to step-by-step tutorials and feed of architectural gestures. It no longer lives in service of representation — illustrating its potential to generate form, finish, and minute articulation simultaneously. Layers of seemingly unrelated content pose as amalgamated interstices strictly by signaling values 0 to 1.

This tool advocates a generational shift in design. How can we design architecture strictly by concealing, revealing, and displacing content?

Tutorials - New outlets for transparency.

This thesis was presented as a YouTube playlist of four, fifteen minute tutorials with downloadable content. A critique, if you will, on an architectural education in the “age of isolation”. What was once in-person interaction is now reduced to streamlined easily-consumable content, three days a week. The cut-out human on your screen are the only pixels gripping you to some sort of personable reality. How can designers use tutorials to feather their design process into the public realm? How can tutorial culture advocate for a more equitable and accessible design education?