Los Angeles, CA
In collaboration w/ Christina Griggs
In 2026, the Los Angeles County government, as part of the preparations leading up to the Olympics, commissions a public artwork to commemorate the city. As a response, we propose a folly -- with a twist. Rather than a miniaturized building like follies have traditionally been, the “REMNANT” is an oversized fragment. Pastiched and decayed with ornamentation from the surrounding buildings, the REMNANT is a nod to LA’s own fragmentary architectural history, replete with various styles and falsehoods.

As a memorial, the LA government stipulates that the REMNANT must remain in its installed position. Over time, the Remnant becomes the one point of consistency and confusion. As an anachronistic object itself, the REMNANT’s adjacency to the shifting scenes of South Broadway highlights how our understanding of time only exists in relation to recognizable signifiers.