Norfolk, VA

In collaboration w/ Julia Costa, Michael Farkas, Claire Shue, Anne Taylor Windsor, & Hanbury

Awards & Recognition
AIA Hampton Roads Merit Award
For centuries, Norfolk, Virginia has been a cultural and commercial center within Hampton Roads. Its location between several major waterways, including the Elizabeth River and Chesapeake Bay, has driven its economy but endangered the future of the city as sea levels rise. Because of its deep channels, the Chesapeake Bay catalyzes both the import and export of goods within the United States and internationally. Norfolk’s resiliency story is centered around both “living with the water,” and the social implications of new resilient development.

To form a physical connection to our site, we are adding interest to the area by creating a series of waterfront parks and a large pedestrian bridge around the stadium. The high density of Downtown will also continue along Main Street, reinstating it as a major thoroughfare throughout the city. Finally, a large canal strategically planned along the flood plain will address the sites tendency to flood and provide a new outdoor recreation space for the city