Los Angeles, CA

In collaboration w/ Christina Griggs

Featured in ︎︎︎ SCI-Arc Spring Show 2020

Impasto.r focuses on designing an extension for the Colburn Music School, located in Bunker Hill, an L.A. neighborhood that was collection of affluent Victorian homes. For our design, we imagined returning a Victorian home to the site and using it as a jumping off point.

One of the major areas of research was the application of paint and how we might re-think our understanding of surface treatments and decoration. Our design sought to create an inversion of expectation: the wood of the dollhouse is thin and unadorned, with the paint acting instead as the structure. The result is a project which leans into playful element of the dollhouse to propose a new form of novel tectonic.

Capturing reality.

By utilizing AI material scanning, the paintstroke’s sculptural and material qualities such as height, roughness, and micro-detail were extracted. It suggests a reinvention of the material. How can paint subvert its expectation as a liquid architectural finish? Can paint become the structure of a building?